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The idea is Menu Ideas to become the cookbook you are going to like, consult and trust in your everyday cooking routine. Here you are going to find recipes that are tried and tested, loved and approved from the best food critics in the world: my children.

Food intake is one of the basic needs, therefore menu planing is very important from both aspects: nutritional and economical. As years pass by and my experience in the kitchen and cooking grows I have realized that menu planning has helped me with saving time and money, and I avoid throwing food away.

Homemade food is always the best choice, because it is cheaper, and you are controlling the ingredients. It is always cooked with better quality oil, butter, vegetables or fruits. It also helps children grow up with that special ‘taste of home’ memories we all have and still cherish.

Menu Ideas

It is always better for the home budget to bake your own pie, to make your own homemade yogurt, or mayonnaise and other sauces, to make your pasta and stews. Casserole is an alternative of frying as a healthier choice of a recipe. And appetizers many times help us to cook many leftovers and ingredients that we bought in greater amount, it is always good to have an appetizer for reach taste experience and less food intake from the main dish menu.
Salads both vegetable and fruit are are very important as a snack or starter dish.

Menu Ideas is a place that is offering you food ideas for every occasion: breakfast ideas, appetizers, dessert recipes, dinner, lunch ideas and supper ideas. Recipes with pictures and step by step instructions are going to help you cook the meal you choose. Many of the recipes presented here were passed to me by my mother and grandmother… Other recipes I have discovered on my long and adventurous journey in the world of food and cooking. Some of them are my creation.

I am welcoming you to my world of food ideas and I hope you are going to enjoy the trip…


Menu Ideas