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Appetizers is a group that is represented by a small portion of food served before the main dish for stimulation of the appetite.
Appetizers are also called finger food, snacks or  party food. In differentlanguages you can find this group of food named as entree food,horsd’oeuvres or horderves, antipasti, tapas, mezes and starters. The main characteristic of appetizers is that portions are really small, people attending the party should be able to eat it in one or two bites.
Appetizers are served before the main dish, in between meals, and are served cold or warm or both with aperitifs and cocktails.. Cooking and assembling varies depending on how simple or complex finger food we want to serve. We can make ahead our appetizers or cook them and serve them during the party.
Cold appetizers can be served in parties where dinner will  be served in a short time.
Cooking of warm appetizers is recommended in wedding parties where people wait longer for the main dish to be served and the sense of hunger is greater.. This can be considered as a trick for lower consumption of alcohol.
Another important thing is that you need to serve allergen safe snacks and try not to hide ingredients like peanuts, peanut butter, almonds, walnuts especially seafood should always be served separately.
Roughly appetizers can be cooked as: pastry appetizers, meat appetizers, seafood appetizers, dips, salads, sauces, and fresh vegetables and fruits.


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