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 Beef Liver Recipe . Liver is a part of the animal that has a high nutritive value. It is that bloody taste of beef liver that makes many people not to eat it. Sure not the way my mother prepared it for me.

Oven Fried Sardines. Oven fried sardines is a recipe that successfully replaces pan fried fish. We all know that sardine or pilchard belongs to the group of cheap and rich in omega 3 fatty acids fish and it is good to include it in our menu.

Baked Tuna Croquettes. Croquettes is a group of appetizers that usually does not need much ingredients, is not time consuming and is most recommendable for parties and small gatherings…If you are in search for an easy and light appetizer idea then baked tuna croquettes are going to please you I believe.

Meatballs With Tomato Sauce. Meatballs is one recipe that is often served with other appetizers during receptions, or gatherings with friends. You need some appetizer ideas? Try this meatball recipe that is light, delicious and with short preparation and cooking time.

Meatballs With Olives. Meatballs with Olives or Soutzukakia or Greek meatballs can be considered as one of the most convinient  dinner ideas. This dish can be served as a part or appetizers bufe.

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