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Barbecue Sauce


Barbecue ( barbeque, BBQ) and grilling is the oldest method of cooking the food, mainly meat. Since human beings discovered fire they started grilling the meat. There is something in this way of preparing the food that makes us happy. Maybe the special taste of the smoked and burned meat and vegetables or the fire itself that is in our genes. A barbecue party is always welcomed and appreciated by family and friends. In a few words barbecue is a method of cooking where the food is cooked over a fire and its smoke.

Here we should underline the difference between grilling and barbecuing. When we grill we roast the meat on a high temperature and for a short time. This method we use when we cook kalamaki ( meat or cheese or vegetables or all three together on a skewer), small fish, vegetables and fruits. Barbecue means cooking on fire but on a lower temperature and for a longer time (big pieces of meat) so that the food is correctly roasted from the outside and juicy inside.

The barbecue grill is the device where we cook the food. Barbecue grills are divided to : indoor and outdoor devices. They can use electricity, gas, charcoal, or combined. They cook the food applying heat from below.

Now, when you have the device, you have to plan the party or just gathering with friends and family, or you are going to cook for two.

Food that can be grilled is: -small and tender pieces of meat, pork, chicken, minced meat -fish fillets or whole fish-sea food-vegetables and fruits

The first thing you have to do is choose the menu and prepare the food that is going to be cooked. Roughly you will have several important steps to do: Step one: Marinate the meat, fruits and vegetables Step two: Prepare the sauce you will apply on the food while grillingStep three: Check your notebook looking for any sauce recipe or dips to be served with the roasted meat and some vegetable or pasta salad recipe.

Step four: Do have something sweet to serve after the main course.

Marinating is used to add more flavor and taste to the meat or vegetables and to make it more tender. Marinade can be liquid or dry. Marinating is also a way of cooking (soaking a salmon in a lemon juice). Liquid marinating is soaking the meat or vegetables in a mix of water, salt, oil, and acids (vinegar, lemon or wine) together with herbs and spices for richer flavor. The time of soaking depends on the amount and the type of food we are going to marinate. Roughly we need 4 hours of marinating for a 400 gr. peace of meat. Dry marinating is achieved with applying salt and herbs on the surface of the fish or meat and then folding it with cling film. Keep the food in the refrigerator until the salt absorbs the fluids from the meat and makes it to change texture and taste or we are leaving it to age.

Barbecue sauce is a liquid that is used while we are grilling the meat. It adds more colour and taste to the dish.

Marinated Grill Vegetables. Marinated grilled vegatables are going to make sure that vegatarians are going to have good time at your bbg party. Meat is not the only thing we grill although that is the first thing we think of when we plan a barbecue.

Easy Barbecue Sauce Recipe. Spring is a season of BBQ and this easy barbecue sauce recipe is going to make your outdoor party of gathering a real adventure in the world of flavors and aromas. This sauce is perfect as a chicken sauce or pork chops sauce, but you could apply this bbq sauce everywhere.

Grilled Sausage Mustard Sauce Recipe. Searching for a sauce to be served with grilled sausages? I think this grilled sausage mustard sauce is your answer. Saltiness and strong flavors of sausages is going to match with the neutral and fresh taste of yogurt and mustard.

Balsamic Vinegar Barbecue Sauce Recipe. This balsamic vinegar barbecue sauce is enriched with the flavor of fresh orange juice, and its sweetness is what makes your grilled meat so special and different.

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