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Bread machine or bread maker is an electrical appliance that makes bread, kneads dough, it bakes bread and cakes and prepares marmalade.
It usually comes with a booklet of recipes on how to bake different types of bread: you can make banana bread, rye bread, whole wheat bread and many many types of homemade, warm, crispy and delicious bread.
You could also use bread machine just to knead and raise your dough, so you will be able to make different types of bread rolls, or sandwich size buns and bake them in the oven.
Bread machine is made of bread pan or bread tin that has a paddle inside that kneads the dough. It also has the oven that is controlled by a built in computer that is simple and on the top it has the cover and the control panel.

What is important about bread machine is that the order of ingredients that is given in the recipe has to be followed. Thus because dry yeast is activated when in contact with water, so if you do not keep them separated until kneading process starts, you will not have the best possible results. Anyways having at least one bread machine in your kitchen is going to be a great help on everyday basis.
There are lots of manufacturers of bread machines. And many types of appliances as: Zojirushi bread maker, Morphy Richards bread maker, Breville bread maker, Kenwood,Panasonicetc. Which model you are going to choose depends on your needs and eating habits.

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