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Homemade Pizza
Pizza is defined as a flat bread with a topping on it, baked in an oven and served with a salad or a sauce on the side. In present time pizza can be found in many variations: thin crust pizza, frozen pizza, pizza delivered from stores and pizzaria and the most important type for me and my family homemade pizza.
For years I was trying out many recipes and advices on how to make the best pizza dough.
I ended up with one easy homemade pizza dough that I use when preparing both: thin crust pizza and flat bread pizza.
How thick the dough will be varies by changing the time of preparation and the topping.
My homemade pizza dough recipe:
For one electric stove baking pan:
500 gr. all purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons sugar
1 and a half teaspoon dry yeast
2 tablespoons olive oil
250 ml. lukewarm water
Sieve the flour in a large bowl. Add the dry ingredients and then the oil and the water. Knead until you feel with your hands that the dough is soft and elastic. Shape it into a ball and oil it well with your hands. Cover the bowl with warm towel and leave it to rest for an hour at least, and for 6 hours tops on a warm place.
If you want to use the pizza dough the next day or morning, just knead it in the morning and leave it in the refrigerator for the rest of the day and night.
When you are ready to assemble the pizza and bake it, just take the dough out of the bowl. Knead once again, sprinkle some flour on the table and open the dough, using rolling pin or just your hands and fingers.
Place the pizza dough in the baking pan and place toppings.
Note that your topping ingredients have to be warm, and not cold directly from the refrigerator.
Now, if you are going to bake a flat bread or a thin crust pizza depends on the time it takes for you to place toppings on the pizza dough.
If you place them slowly and for more then 5 minutes, the yeast that is in the dough will have time to rise and it will continue rising while in the oven and you will end up with pizza that is not thin crust pizza. Not that it is a bad thing, depends on what you prefer. Personally I think that this type of pizza is good when preparing a breakfast pizza or ground meat pizza that has juices that have to be absorbed.
If you place topping ingredients fast in 2-3 minutes and put your pizza in the  preheated oven, you will have a nice thin crust.
Your pizza menu can be very rich : the simple cheese and tomato pizza, deep dish pizza, pepperoni pizza, breakfast pizza, chicken, fruit pizza.
I am hoping that  you are going to try at least one of the recipes I am presenting  hereand that you will be satisfied and integrate that recipe in your pizza menu.

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