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Pasta Casserole. Pasta casserole or Pastitsio is among the best dinner ideas when you need a recipe for pasta dishes that can serve a greater group of people.
Bean Pasta Cansserole . This is an very smart way to combine pasta and beans because no flour or butter is needed in order to make the dish thick. It can be cooked as a soup or baked. You will need to use three types of beans, chickpea and orzo pasta.

Lamb Casserole. Do you like the taste of lamb? Just imagine it combined with pasta and tomato sauce. It is a recipe that is easy to prepare and hopefully will be enrolled in your list of favourite meals.

Orlo Casserole. You have leftovers from the chicken you baked yesterday and you do not have time to make a pie? Not a problem. Try this easy and delicious pasta casserole. It is a recipe I like a lot and you can always moderate it and add different ingredients every time you make it.

Green Bean Casserole. One nice lunch idea is a green bean casserole. I like green bean as a vegetable and I often cook it on the stove. But baking green beans with other vegetables and hot dog, covered with tasty bechamel sauce is among my favorite casserole recipes.

Goat Casserole. Goat meat has the bast taste when cooked slowly, so Goat casserole is one of the best ways to prepare it. This recipe is actuallybaked goat meat together with baked potatoes.

Goat Meat Casserole. A dish that is low in fat and rich in proteins. You can replace goat meat with lamb and accompany it with pistachio pesto sauce.

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