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Do you like the taste of lamb? Just imagine it combined with pasta and tomato sauce. It is a recipe that is easy to prepare and hopefully will be enrolled in your list of favourite meals.



– 500 grams ( 1 lb ) lamb, in pieces preferably with bone

– 1 cup of fresh milk

put the meat in a pot add the milk and add water to cover the lamb. Simmer it on low hit for one hour. This makes the lamb meat not to have its strong characteristic small.

in the meantime prepare the rest of the ingredients :

– Put one can of plum tomatoes or 2 large tomatoes from your garden and one large onion in the processor and mix them.

– two teaspoons salt.

– one quarter of the teaspoon sweet red paprika.

– one teaspoon sugar.

– half cup of red wine.

– half cup of olive oil.

– 1 clove of garlic ( optional ).

– half teaspoon oregano, thyme and rosemary fresh or dried.

– one and a half cup of orzo pasta.


Take the meat out of the milk, rinse it with cold water, dry it with kitchen paper. Take a large pan with heavy bottom, put the olive oil inside and when it is hot enough add the peaces of meat inside. Fry the lamb shortly, turn it on all sides so it makes a crust that is going to keep the juices inside. Then add the wine. Simmer until it evaporates then pour the tomato and the onion from the processor. Add, salt, sugar,paprika the herbs, add 3 cups of water. Cover the pan and boil for another hour.


Uncover the pan. Stir well with a spoon, add the the pasta and cook for another 20 minutes with the pan covered.


Your dish is ready and warm. Serve it on a plate. Add grated yellow cheese on the top and ENJOY!

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