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Orzo Casserole

You have leftovers from the chicken you baked yesterday and you do not have time to make a pie? Not a problem. Try this easy and delicious pasta casserole. It is a recipe I like a lot and you can always moderate it and add different ingredients every time you make it.


Baked chicken leftovers. Take out the bones, the skin and cut it in small pieces.

1 cup (220 approximately) orzo pasta

1/2 cup con-case or chopped fresh tomato

1/2 cup parsley chopped

1 teaspoon salt

3 cups water

Take a heavy bottom skillet put 2 tablespoons oil in it. When the oil is hot add the orzo and fry it for several minutes while stirring. The pasta is going change color. Take the skillet from the heat when this happens. Leave it aside.

Take a bigger saucepan (the black one that you bought with your stove) and sprinkle the meat all over. Add the tomato, the salt and parsley. Pour the water inside and put it in the oven on 200 degrees Celsius. When you notice that water is boiling i the saucepan open the oven and add the pasta in it. Stir well so it goes everywhere and close the door. Bake for 40 minutes or until orzo is cooked and only small amount of sauce is left.

Serve with green salad. You can also sprinkle fresh parsley and feta cheese on the top.

You can also add some white or feta cheese while baking, some olives, one green and one red pepper chopped and some carrots. Or you replace the parsley with dill. Just use your imagination and play with what you have in your refrigerator.











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