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Quince spoon sweet is the best way to preserve the quince fruit especially if you have a quince tree in the yard.
This spoon sweet is going to help you with many  dessert ideas, as you can serve it plain with a cup of water, serve it on top of cakes, ice cream or yogurt.
Greek food recipes use quince fruit in order to make, spoon sweet, quince marmalade, quince paste, baked quince fruit served with heavy cream and honey. Greek recipes are also replacing baked potato and apple with quince in many dishes that use pork meat. You could also stuff the quince with ground meat and bake it.


2 kg. quince fruit flesh, cut on julienne (matchsticks) strips

1 kg. white sugar

4-5 sterilized jars

Wash the quince fruit well, dry it and peel off the skin. Keep 2 -3 stripes from the skin, and with a sharp knife try to cut it on thin matchsticks shape. You could grate it as well but in that case you will end up with a quince marmalade, not spoon sweet.

Put the sticks in a big pot, pour the sugar on the top, cover the pot and leave it overnight. Do not stir. Do not add water. Just leave it to rest for 12 hours at least.

The darker color you want your spoon sweet to have the longer you leave the flesh of the fruit exposed to oxygen, that is leave it uncovered while you are julienning it. If you want the  orange color place the flesh in water.
I prepare both, 2 kilograms dark and 2 kilograms of pale colored spoon sweet as you can see on the picture. The darer is softer and sweeter and I cook it for at least one hour longer then the pale one.

Uncover the pot after 12 hours and you will notice that sugar has melts and turned into water. Stir carefully with wooden spoon and place the pot on the stove. Bring it to boil, then lower the heat and continue simmering the spoon sweet on very low heat. Check on the sweet during the first half an hour, and if any foam appears skim it off. Half a teaspoon of fresh butter, placed in the center of the pot should help and decrease the foam.
Simmer for 3-4 hours, until you notice that the syrup is coating the spoon..

While you are simmering the quince, wash well and dry the jars, (4-5 of them) close the lid, place them in the oven. Turn the oven on 100 degrees Celsius and leave the jars for half and hour to be sterilized. Open the oven take the jars, carefully and using a kitchen glove, open the lid and spoon in the hot sweet.
Close the lid well, turn it upside down (this is going to kill any bacteria that can be in the jar). When jars are cold, turn them with the lid up and store them in a cold and dark closet.

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