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Fish and other seafood is a food rich in minerals, and Omega-3 fat acids what makes it heart friendly.

Fish and other fruits of the sea can be prepared in different ways: can be consumed: uncooked (raw), marinated, pickled, smoked. Cooked can be prepared with baking, frying, grilling and steaming.

One of the ways to enjoy fish is to put it in a sauce and serve it with pasta. It can be spaghetti, linguine, tagliatelle. You can also use the fish and other sea food to stuff pasta like tortellini and ravioli.

Tuna fish, salmon, calamari (squid), anchovies, scampi you can use any fish and any sea food combine it with herbs, vine, lemon and make a sauce that will make a dish of pasta become very special and different.

We all have a can of tuna fish and a pack of spaghetti at home. In just happens that we do not have time to cook a meal. In that case spaghetti and tuna in a tomato sauce sounds just great! Even better cook your spaghetti open the can mix the tuna fish with lemon, garlic and some olives. Serve it on top of the pasta, accompanied with fresh salad is a perfect, easy and complete meal. One tip: fish is good to be put in the deep freezer. So if you chose to make a fish based sauce and you have time prepare more. Keep it in the freezer and warm it when u have no time to prepare a meal. It is better to have eat a homemade sauce form the freezer then a sauce from the market.

Puttanesca sauce. Puttanesca sauce is a must try from the list of italian pasta sauces. Anchovy fillets are responsible for that special taste of this very popular Italian sauce for pasta that got the name from ladies of the night.

Puttanesca Sauce with tuna fish. Puttanesca is the most famous Italian sauce that got the name from the ladies of the night. Anchovy is the fish used in the original recipe but tuna fish gives a very good taste especially if you plan to serve this tomato sauce with pasta.

Tuna Sauce For Pasta. Tuna sauce for pasta.

Fish Sauce With Yogurt. This one is a fish sauce with yogurt that suits well with fried and grilled fish …small fish preferably. It slightly sweet taste is well combined with the saltiness of the fish.

Squid (Calamari) Sauce for Pasta. Squid sauce for pasta is a recipe you should prepare is you like to combine pasta with sea food. Try this easy and quick and creamy sauce that uses canned squid or calamari.

Tagliatelle with Salmon Sauce. Fish sauce always suits well homemade tagliatelle. Salmon sauce in this case is served on top of green tagliatelle.

Mayonnaise Sauce And Grilled Mackerel Fish. This sauce is enough for approximately 2 kg. of fish. Adjust the amounts of ingredients depending on the amount of fish you are going to grill.

Yogurt Sauce For Fish. This sauce is used more as a dip and served with fried fish (anchovies in this case).

Fish Sauce. Fish and other seafood is a food rich in minerals, and Omega-3 fat acids what makes it heart friendly.

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