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HOMEMADE PASTAIn the industrialized world we live in we can find everything ready. But homemade food is so special, because you choose the ingredients you put in and you control the quality of the food your family is consuming.

Homemade pasta is the best way to treat yourself and your loved ones a special meal. Homemade pasta is most known with the form of spaghetti, tortellini, ravioli, tagliatelle and gnocchi. All you need is flour and eggs and your imagination and a good will to succeed.

The golden rule is 1 egg for every 100 gr flour (3.5 oz ). Depending of how big eggs are you will have some flour left on the table or not.

You can make your homemade pasta from flour and eggs.

Add a spoon of olive oil or warm water.

You could add some herbs to your spaghetti.

Half of the amount semolina fine and half flour and egg can be used to make lasagna or any other pasta that you are going to prepare as a soup.

You add some vegetable puree and you can put some color in your dish. Or just leave your pasta as it is and flavor it or color it with your homemade pasta sauce.

Gnocchi is another type of homemade pasta made from potatoes, flour and eggs. Homemade pasta can be used fresh or you can leave it on a towel sprinkled with flour so it can become dry and you can put it in jars and use it later.

Finally, if you are new and you would like to try to make your own homemade pasta dishes remember:

– Always use fresh and best quality flour and eggs.

– eggs have to have the room temperature. Never use them directly from the refrigerator.

– cover the dough with a clean warm towel and leave it to rest at least 30 minutes. It will become more elastic and it will make your adventure easier.

– always spread some flour on the table

– work and shape the dough as fast as you can cause it can lose it moisture and it will start cracking and breaking. It could be easier for you to cut the dough in small balls so you can work with a small amount and the rest will stay covered with kitchen foil.

I hope what you read here is going to help you to make your own homemade pasta. Good luck!


Homemade Pasta

STEP ONE: Measure 200 gr all purpose white flour put it in a bowl, and add 2 whole eggs. Work with both hands so the dough will take all the heat from your hands and will become smooth and a bit hard. If the dough for your pasta is too hard ( that depends on how large are the eggs ) fell free to add a spoon of warm water.

Homemade Pasta

STEP TWO: When the dough is ready you shape a small ball and cover it with warm towel. Leave the dough to rest for 10 minutes.


Homemade Pasta

STEP THREE: If you do not have a pasta machine you make a thin sheet roll it and cut thin circles with a knife. Open them spread them on a clean towel sprinkled with flour and leave them for and hour to get dry before cooking. You can out them directly in a boiling water if you are in a hurry. Your pasta will taste the same.


Homemade Pasta

STEP FOUR: Make this step if you would like to prepare a nice vegetable soup with home made pasta. Take the dough as it is and grate it. Leave it to become dry, while you are cooking your vegetables and then add the pasta. Simmer for another 10 minutes and enjoy your warm meal.


Pasta Machine

STEP FIVE: In case you are going to use a pasta machine. Cut the dough on 4 smaller balls. Take one to make the pasta and leave the rest covered with the towel.


Pasta Machine

STEP SIX: When your home made pasta is ready and has a shape: as lasagna, tortellini, tagliatelle or spaghetti, put it in a pot with boiling water, cook it for 10 minutes. Serve on a plate with grated feta cheese, tomato sauce, any other pasta sauce you prefer. One rule you should always follow is you put one litre of water for every 100 grams of pasta, add 10 grams of salt and a few drops of olive oil in it, and put the pasta when water is boiling not before.


Homemade Pasta

Pasta Maker . Homemade pasta or fresh pasta has a better taste than the one we buy from the market shelves. It is time consuming and it needs an effort but you can make it and then rest and enjoy the meal. Internet is a great source if you need instructions on how to make pasta.

Orange Homemade Pasta. Kneat orange homemade pasta or carrot pasta to have a special dish that matches your favorite spaghetti sauce.

Red Homemade Pasta. Red homemade pasta as any coloured pasta is a motivation for the children to eat and enjoy the meal.

Green Homemade Pasta. Green homemade pasta is on your meny today? Then spinach is the ingredient to give green colour and scent of freshness to your coloured pasta.

Gnocchi Recipe. Homemade gnocchi is a wide known Italian homemade pasta recipe, boiled and served with pasta sauce. Gnocchi can be prepared in many ways. Kneating potato and all purpose flour, potato and corn flour.

Stuffed Pasta. Stuffed pasta is one of the categories of homemade pasta. You can make is plain or from colored homemade pasta.

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