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Orange Homemade Pasta

                                                 Orange Homemade Pasta


Kneat orange homemade pasta or carrot pasta to have a special dish that matches your favorite spaghetti sauce.

Cook homemade pasta that is naturally coloured, free of artificial colours and preservatives. Always enjoy colourful and tasty dishes.



200 gr. all purpose flour

a pinch of salt

1 egg

250 gr. carrot puree

Wash, peel and cut 250 gr. carrots (approximately 3 big carrots) Cook them in a small pan. Take them out of the pan slightly smash them with a fork put the puree in a mash strainer, press to take off the fluid. Put the carrot puree in your kitchen multi-cutter together with the egg and blend them for several seconds.

Take out the puree add it to the flour.

Follow homemade pasta steps.

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