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Pasta MakerHomemade pasta or fresh pasta has a better taste than the one we buy from the market shelves. It is time consuming and it needs an effort but you can make it and then rest and enjoy the meal. Internet is a great source if you need instructions on how to make pasta.

Pasta makers help us a lot to bring the feeling of homemade food we remember from our childhood, in our home.

There are two types of pasta makers manual and electric.

You should consider several positive and negative characteristics these machines have and match them with you needs then decide what to have in your kitchen.. Remember that homemade pasta tastes the same no matter what machine you decide to use.

Manual pasta makers :

Positive characteristics

Are cheaper then the electric You do not need electric power to use it

It is easy to clean and it is easy to control thickness of pasta sheets

It clamps on counter or table edge

It is easy for maintenance since it needs dusting only.

Negative characteristics

You will most probably need a second person to help you since one is going to do the cranking and the other is going to catch the pasta. Handle is easily detached and usually falls down. 
Electric pasta makers :

Positive characteristics

Easy to work with it aloneIt has various attachments to make different types of pastaIt prepares your homemade pasta fast.

Negative characteristics

These machines are usually heavy and require enough space to be stored in

Are more expensive then the manual.

Conclusion :

If you do not want to pay much money and you cook for your family only you do not need huge amounts of pasta so manual pasta maker is just fine for you.

If you plan a gathering and you want to make greater amounts of pasta all alone or you want to store your fresh pasta then you should choose the electric types of pasta makers.

Some of the types are Marcato pasta maker, Imperia 150, Cucina Pro 177 … and many many more.

I do wish you success and many, many tasty dishes made by you.

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