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Stuffed pasta is one of the categories of homemade pasta. You can make is plain or from colored homemade pasta.

It can be bought from the store. It can be precooked and ready to be stuffed with the filling of our choice. Some types of stuffed pasta have to be cooked first in a boiling water and then be cooked as recipe says.

There are so many variations of homemade pasta as many culinary traditions can be found around the World. The shape, the colour, the way people cook it. The way everyone prefers to eat it.

Stuffed pasta can be homemade. There are two different types of stuffed pasta:

Pasta where we put the filling inside while we prepare it. The best example are: ravioli, tortellini, tortelloni, fagottini, pierogi, and many more.

Pasta that we prepare, we shape it, dry it or boil it and then we put filling inside. Example is : cannelloni, manicotti, occhi di lupo and more.

Here is a short description of the most known types of stuffed pasta:

RAVIOLI is a square or round shaped pasta that is made by using two sheets of dough. Place one teaspoon of filling leaving some distance. Use a brush with water or egg white to cover the lids, cover it with a second sheet of dough. At this point we should gently press the top sheet of pasta so the air thet was trapped inside will be removed. This is going to help our ravioli not to open in the process of boiling. Filling that is mostly used are all kinds of cheeses, spinach, as well as ground meats.

TORTELLINI is the same as ravioli. Usually smaller and round shaped. They can also be stuffed with cheeses, ground meat, spinach and mushrooms.

CANNELLONI is a tube- shaped pasta. It can be filled with cheese, spinach and meat filling. Covered with tomato sauce, bechamel sauce or grated cheeses is usually baked.

MANICOTTI is a tube-shaped pasta. Smaller then cannelloni.

SHELLS can be of different sizes. And you can use all kinds of fillings for them . Eat them warm or cold. You can use your favorite spaghetti sauce. Shells have the perfect shape to keep the sauce inside.

And closing this review of stuffed pasta I can say that stuffed pasta can become one reach and fancy dish. We can bake stuffed pasta, we can just cook it and serve it with sauce on top. It can be served as a main course or as pasta salad.




Dough for homemade pasta or any coloured homemade pasta you will be able to find here.

for the filling:

1 cup of feta cheese – mashed

1 cup of any yellow cheese -grated

5 pieces of formaggino (wedge of processed cheese that is individually wrapped)


1 table spoon of butter

3 tablespoons of olive oil

one tablespoon fresh basil leafs


1/2 cup grated parmigiana to sprinkle on top.

Knead the dough. Leave it to rest for 15 minutes, covered with a towel. Use the pasta machine and pass the noodles on number 3.

In a bowl mix the feta, the yellow cheese and the formaggino or any other soft cheese like cottage cheese. Take one teaspoon from the cheeses and put on the sheet.


Cover it with another sheet and use ravioli stamps or ravioli mold to make your pasta.

When ready cook them in a bowling water. Put them in a strainer. Then place the ravioli in a large skillet where you have melted 1 spoon of butter together with 3 spoons of olive oil and basil leafs.

Cook the ravioli for several minutes until they are covered and flavoured with the basil.

Stuffed Pasta

Serve them on a dish and sprinkle with grated parmigiana.

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