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One of the many ways of preparation of meat is making it a part of a sauce to give more taste to the dish.

We can prepare the sauce at home or we can find many meat based sauces ready to consume on market shelves. Many of them need only to be warmed, some of them need some fluid to be added and be cooked for a while.

When we refer to pasta sauce we usually talk about bolognese sauce that is made from ground meat with vegetables and vine. It is usually served with fresh homemade tagliatelle although serving it on the top of any pasta is not a mistake. After serving the meat sauce on the pasta bed, we cover it with grated Parmigiano cheese.

We can also use sausages to prepare a sauce for our pasta dish.

In short meat based sauces for pasta can be made from meat…like bolognese, and meat can be in the sauce usually in the form of meatballs the most famous sauce for spaghetti. Meatballs in a tomato sauce served on a bed of pasta, spaghetti most often.

Another way of preparing meat based sauce for pasta is having the meat in small parts or cubes, as in the most known Carbonara sauce. Bacon is used in this case.

There are many sauces based on chicken meat, turkey or duck meat.

Meat used in the sauce can be fresh, cut in cubes, slices, minced. It can be smoked, salted, marinated.

Meat is a great source of proteins, iron, vitamin B12, enzymes, amino-acids and calcium. Cooked the right way with a small amount of fat and rich in vegetables it can make our body healthy and satisfied.

Prepared as a sauce and combined with pasta is the most favourite way for children to consume meat and proteins they need so much. Just use your imagination, go through recipes, add or take out ingredients, make the meal good for your taste and your needs and enjoy because cooking the meal gives us the pleasure to enjoy more in it later and appreciate it more.

Chicken Sauce. This sauce for pasta is white, creamy and is made with chicken breast. Lemon grass that is used in the process of cooking gives a fresh and lemony scent and makes it different.

Spaghetti With Meat Sauce. What makes this dish different its the way its flavours and fat is mixed with the tomato and wine. It definitely tastes different then many meat sauces because onion and garlic and any juices are added after the meat is fried.

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