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Chicken Pasta Salad

                                                           Chicken Pasta Salad

Serving a bowl of pasta salad is always welcomed from friends and family. Chicken pasta salad converting a simple pasta salad into a complete meal. The recipe presented here is using a baked chicken and light homemade mayonnaise that is easy to prepare, quick, and with a slight scent of Meaditerranean. Serve this pasta salad as light lunch, or dinner and it can be served both cold and warm.

Chicken Mayonnaise Pasta Salad


500 gr. (one package) fusilli or any other short pasta. You can prepare your own homemade pasta.

Baked Chiscken Recipe:

2 chicken breast fillets

2 cloves garlic (with the skin on)

1/2 lemon

3 tablespoons olive oil

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon red sweet paprika powder

1/4 teaspoon Ness coffee powder

1 teaspoon dried rosemary leaves

1/2 cup water, warm

To asseble the pasta salad:

several leaves of green Roman lettuce

1 carrot (use potato peeler to get the carrot strips)

1 tomato sliced

3 tablespoons homemade mayonnaise

Take a heavy bottom skillet and warm 3 tablespoons olive oil. Fry the chicken breast fillets until the meat turns red from both sides. At this point place the half of the lemon with its pulp down and 2 cloves of garlic beside the fillets. Sprinkle salt, paprika, coffee, rosemary over the meat. Pour the warm water in the skillet and cover it. Simmer for 30 minutes on low temperature. No need to stir. Leave it in the skillet to get cold. Take the fillets out of the skillet when you have the pasta salad ready to be served, and cut them in cubesor slices.

Cook the pasta as recommended by the manufacturer.

Now assemble your chicken pasta salad:

Take a large bowl. Cut the lettuce, and tomato. Put them inside. Add the carrot stripes and the pasta. Add the meat. Mix everything well. Finish it adding 3 tablespoons mayonnaise, mix again and serve.

Tip: Remember the cloves of garlic that you put in the skillet? You can take them open the skin, take out the garlic puree and mix it with the mayonnaise. This will give a scent of the Mediterranean to your meal.

If you prefer it more spicy feel free to cut and add some chili pepper, or sprinkle cayenne pepper powder.

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