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Hot Dog Pasta Salad

                                                  Hot dog pasta salad

This one is a recipe for a kid-friendly Hot Dog Pasta Salad that is low in calories and easy to assemble. It is a pasta salad that can easily be served as a light dinner.

Your Picnic food notebook should contain this recipe mainly because mayonnaise is not in the list of ingredients.


300 gr. whole wheat fusilli or other pasta, cooked

3 tablespoons caper berries

5 tablespoons peas, cooked

2 carrots, sliced and cooked

250 gr. hot dogs, (approximately 15 small hot dogs) sliced into circles and cooked

3 tablespoons red wine vinegar

3 tablespoons olive oil

salt and white pepper to taste

Take a salad bowl. Put the fusilli, caper, carrots, peas and hot dogs in. Mix well.

Take a small glass jar and add vinegar and oil in it. Close the jar and shake it will until you get vinaigrette (a white emulsion)and pour it in the bowl. Mix well. Taste and add salt and white pepper and your pasta salad is ready. Enjoy your fast food hot dog salad.

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