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Mushroom Sauce

Mushrooms Sauce

Kuskus served with chuck steak casserole. Choose this dish, if you are looking for a rich and yet simple to prepare meal. The meat gives you proteins,zinc and vitamin B12 and B6. Mushrooms and sausage add their proteins and flavors. You will have a meal that is going to become your family’s or friend’s

favorite that has it all meat, sauce and pasta.


1 cup of cuskus prepared as it is suggested from the manufacturer.

4 peaces of chuck steak

1 peace of sausage

for the mushroom sauce:

1 onion chopped

3 fresh onions chopped

1 carrot chopped on small cubes

1 can of sliced mushrooms rinsed

1/2 cup fresh dill chopped

1/2 cup parsley chopped

1 tablespoon pf all purpose flour

3 tablespoons olive oil

water, salt and pepper

Take a medium sized saucepan and put the sausage in the center. Put olive oil on the bottom of a heavy bottom skillet and fry the

steaks or a few minutes on each side just for them to release its juices and flavors and get color. Take them out of the skillet and

place them around the sausage in the saucepan. Add the onion, fresh onions and the carrot in the skillet. Fry them for 3 minutes then add the mushrooms. Simmer for a while. Add salt

and pepper one tablespoon of flour dill and parsley stir for a minute and pour the sauce on the top of the steaks and the sausage. Add

1 cup of tab water and bake it for an hour on 200 degrees Celsius.

When it is baked let it stay in the saucepan for 10 minutes. Then serve one steak a peace of the sausage pour more of the mushroom

sauce over the steak. Place the kuskus on the plate.

Serve it with a green salad or with a bowl of melitzanosalata (Greek Eggplant Dip).

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