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Orange Pudding Pie

                                                         Orange Pudding Pie

This is an orange pudding pie that can easily be named and orange tart. It is easy and is not baked. Just cook the pudding, blend the biscuits to make the base. Assemble the fruit pie using some caramelized oranges and refrigerate.


for the base of the pie:

250 gr. whole wheat biscuits, finely ground in the blender

3 tablespoons vegetable margarine

for the pudding filling:

1 package (43 gr.) orange or vanilla pudding powder

460 ml. fresh milk

200 ml. fresh orange juice

1 teaspoon orange zest

5 tablespoons sugar

1 (7 gr.) envelope unflavored gelatin

and: caramelized oranges and dark chocolate shavings for decorating

use a 22 cm (8.6 inches) tart pan with removable bottom

Step One :

Put the biscuits in a blender and ground them into crumbs. Put them in a small bowl add the margarine and stir well using a fork until you notice that the fat has moisturized all of the biscuits. Then use a spoon or a hand and cover the bottom of the tart making a tart foundation.

Step Two :

In a large sauce pan mix the orange or vanilla pudding powder with cold milk, orange juice, orange zest and sugar. Mix well until the powder is completely dissolved. Then turn on the heat and bring it to boil. Cook and stir until the pudding thickens.
Dissolve the gelatin in small amount of water add it to the pudding mix well. Cook for another minute and remove from the heat.
Pour it on the top of the biscuit base.
Cut a peace of a kitchen cling film in the diameter of the tart pan and place it on the top of the pudding filling.
Leave it to get cold then refrigerate.
After and hour in the refrigerator you can decorate the orange pudding pie with caramelized oranges and chocolate shavings.

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