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Arugula Salad

                                                         Arugula Salad

Arugula salad is a leaf vegetable salad very often combined with fruit, balsamic vinegar because of its rich and peppery taste. This salad recipe is presenting a fresh arugula (rocket) leaves salad with apple, Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar and honey salad dressing. It can be also listed as a green salad because rocket is combined with green lettuce.


1/2 Green Romain lettuce, chopped

1 bundle of arugula or rocket, chopped

1 apple, sliced

1/2 cup Parmesan cheese shavings

for the salad dressing:

1 clove garlic, smashed and chopped

3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

1 tablespoon mustard

5 tablespoons olive oil

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon honey

Take a bigger salad bowl, place  the lettuce and arugula (rocket) leaves inside. Add the apple slices.

Prepare the salad dressing. Place all ingredients in a small bowl and stir well with a spoon.

Pour the salad dressing in the bowl, mix the salad. Add the Parmesan cheese shavings  Mix again and serve.

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