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Leek and Green Olives Salad

Leek and Green Olives Salad

Raw leek and green olives, combined with lemon juice make a very quick and tasty salad, that can be served as an appetizer, or can be used when assembling sandwiches.


1 good sized leek

10 Green olives, pitted

juice of half lemon

a pinch of Kosher salt

Prepare the leek first. Clean it, cut off the green and hard leaves, cut off the root. Now wash the white and tender parts that are left, and slice thinly. Place it on a plate. Pour the lemon juice, sprinkle the salt and work with a fork for a while so the lemon is evenly distributed in the salad.
Slice the olives. Add them to the leek and your salad is ready to be served.

Note: if you bought green olives that are not preserved in oil, add 1 table spoon olive oil.

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