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Sauce Recipe

Take a plate of fresh prepared homemade spaghetti and eat it.

Oops…something is wrong with this picture. Is something missing? Indeed a sauce on top of the spaghetti. A simple tomato sauce and some cheese on the top or a sauce with meat, tuna, or mushrooms.

A sauce is not a dish by itself. It is a liquid or semi-liquid preparation from vegetables and herbs, or meat or fish that is served with the food, on the top of the meal, or it can be used in the preparation of some dishes.

Sauces can roughly be divided into two large groups: cold and warm sauces. Then you can have more groups :

White and red sauces, Vegetable and meat sauces.

Sauces are served on the top of homemade pasta, gnocchi, can be served like a side dish or can be used in the process of cooking. There are so many ways to prepare dishes with sauces. Simmer meat in the pan, bake it in the oven with bounty of vegetable juices and flavors from herbs and the taste of sea salt or cheese.

Sauces can be homemade or buy them ready from market shelves like soy sauce. You can always use homemade sauce from the refrigerator, warm it to serve it or to cook a meal with it. Sauces can be made the last minute and served with the meal- bechamel sauce is the best example from this group.

Another way to use sauces is to roast and grill meat, vegetables or sea food with them. A good BBQ sauce is a must have during your barbecue party. It helps keeping the moist inside the meat, and to put an accent on the flavor and scent you like so you can really enjoy and say that that was a perfect BBQ party you organized.

I honestly hope that here you will be able to find a sauce recipe that will suit you and your needs.

Try to always enjoy and create in your kitchen, because a tastefull dish is the best price for the time we invest while preparing it.

Also you have to use a sauce while grilling your meat, vegetables or seafood. In the process of grilling you should use stronger flavors because grill means you prepare the meat on high heat so it has a short time to take the flavors inside.

At the same time your barbecue sauce can be mild or with more vinegar taste in it, because barbecue means you roast the food slowly on lower heat, so you can apply the sauce many times so it will become more tasty.

Also use a sauce while grilling your meat, vegetables or seafood.

Bechamel Sauce. If you are planning to cook lasagna for dinner you will need to prepare bechamel sauce. Maybe you are cooking a soup and you need to make it thicker? Then bechamel sauce is your answer.

Pesto Sauce. Pistachiop Pesto Sauce. A different approach on pesto sauce with pistachio and mint. Give a different taste to your spaghetti dish or serve it together with baked meat.

Mayonnaise Sauce. Homemade mayonnaise sauce.

Lemon And Tahini Sauce. Looking for that magic trick to enrich your spinach and rice dish? – then lemon and tahini sauce is the perfect combination for you. Lemon has vitamin C and it has the ability to enhance iron absorption from food that contains iron.

Tomato Basil Sauce. Pasta recipes are always accompanied by tomato basil sauce. It is one of the basic tomato sauce recipes when talking about easy pasta dishes. Basil pasta is more often found around the Mediterranean, especially Italy and Greece.

Homemade Ketchup. Prepare this homemade ketchup in order to preserve tomatoes and to avoid consuming ketchup bought from market shelves. This means that this tomato sauce will be preservatives free.

Olive Tapenade. This spread is quick and easy to be prepared and only 3 ingredients are needed. It can be served with ouzo, bread or any dish that you usually accompany with olives.

Tomato And Capers Sauce. A sauce that would have been just one plain tomato sauce without the saltiness of the pickled caper berries. You are going to love this combination of ingredients.

Sweet Sauce.  It would be nice to put some caramel sauce on the pancakes we all like so much, and it would be much nicer if that sauce is not brought home from the market shelves.

Egg Lenon Sauce. Egg Lemon Sauce or Avgolemono Sauce is widely used in Greek food recipes. It can be used to thicken soup and stew dishes, or to serve it on top of cooked vegetable and meat recipes.

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